Crocheted chunky scarf with vertical stripe and loop fringe

This is a great one for the girls or guys in your life – it’s a simple, chunky scarf with two colours of yarn used together on a larger crochet hook. You could use two complementary colours, or opposites, or colours that clash. Or if you really wanted to, you could use two strands of the same colour for a single colour block scarf. For a touch of glamour, use a soft, fluffy yarn, or one that has a metallic thread through it. If you don’t fancy the loop fringe, you can add a traditional tassel fringe, or leave it without a fringe at all.

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Crocheted chunky scarf with loop fringe
Sc = single crochet
Ch = chain
St = stitch
Sl st = slip stitch
Sp = space
Rpt = repeat

Using two strands of yarn and a chunky crochet hook, chain an even number of stitches till you have reached the length you desire (odd number + three stitches to turn)

Sc into 4th st from hook, ch1. Miss next st. (Sc in next st, ch1). Rpt stitches in parenthesis till you reach the end and sc into last stitch. Ch3 and turn.

Sc into 1st sc, ch1. Sc, ch1 into each sc from previous row to end and sc in last st. Ch3 and turn.

Rpt R3 till you reach the desired width (omitting the final ch3). Finish off and weave in ends.

For loop fringe, sl st into a corner and ch15. Sc in first sp, ch15 (rpt in each sp till you reach end). Sl st at corner of scarf, finish off and weave in ends.

Rpt fringe at other end of scarf.

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